Major Deliverables

AFACT Repository of Single Window and Trade Facilitation, V3.0
Author: Dr. Eva Yi-Yuan Yueh, Institute for
Information Industry, Chinese Taipei

According to the minutes of AFACT CSC/TFT/eCOO Joint Work Meeting at Kish Island on 21 May 2012, CSC needs to collect information from the HoDs of respective AFACT members, which has to do with the status of planning and implementing Single Window and trade facilitation related initiatives. The collected information will be stored in the AFACT Repository for sharing and exchanging experiences amongst members. The contents in the AFACT Repository will be continually edited based on the information collected from members. The initial inputs were from the survey concerning status of single window and trade facilitation of AFACT members conducted on 3 October 2012 by the Community Support Committee/AFACT.

Published on 27 November 2013
A Service Modeling Methodology for Service-Oriented Architecture
Auther: Dr. YoungKon Lee
Korea Polythec University


Published on 10 August 2013
Business Infra Guidebook V3
Auther: Supply Chain Information Platform Study Group
UN/CEFACT Japan Committee