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Steering Committee

Dr. Shinichi Ishii

AFACT Chairperson

Mr. Hisanao Sugamata

Asia and Pacific Regional Rapporteur of UN/CEFACT


AFACT General Secretary

The Steering Committee is responsible for the management and coordination of AFACT between the Plenary of consecutive years. The Steering Committee also supervises the progress status of the decision made by the Plenary. The composition of the Steering Committee shall be as follows:
• Chairperson (of AFACT)
• Two Vice-Chairpersons (of AFACT)
• UN/CEFACT Rapporteur for Asia (as an Advisor),
• Any other officer of UN/CEFACT (as an Advisor) from the Region
• Representative of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
• Chairpersons of the Executive Committees provided by the Article 9 herein
• Two Heads of Delegation appointed by the Plenary who will hold office as members of the Steering Committee for a term of two years.
• Head of AFACT Secretariat