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41st AFACT Plenary Meeting

Dec 7, 2023 - Feb 4, 2024

41st AFACT Plenary Meeting 

The 41st AFACT Plenary Meeting was successfully organized in Taiwan on December 1, 2023, in conjunction with 2023 eASIA Awards Program. More than 30 delegates from Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan participated in the Meeting to share their insights on the latest cross-border data exchange and standardization trends.  AFACT delegates also took this valuable opportunity to network and re-connect with each other to explore possible cooperation within the regional community.

 For meeting photos, please refer to the following link: https://reurl.cc/Y0yOQn , and you may also take a look at the video clip on the meeting highlights: Highlights of 41st AFACT Plenary Meeting - YouTube .

41st AFACT Plenary Meeting AGENDA 

1.     Roll Call  (* Input Name & Country to Zoom)

2.     Opening remarks by Minister Audrey Tang (Chinese Taipei), Dr. S. Ishii (Japan), Dr. Cheng-Hong Cho (Chinese Taipei)

3.     Approve the agenda (Mr. D. Kiyotomo)

4.     Review the previous meeting (Mid-term meeting) minutes (Mr. D. Kiyotomo)

5.     Steering Committee

Ø  2024 Host Country  (Mr. H. Sugamata)

6.     Country Report

Ø  Chinese Taipei (Mr. John Ning)

Ø  Korea (Dr. K. Ahn)

Ø  India (Mr. T. A. Khan)

Ø  Thailand (Dr. S. Keretho)

Ø  Japan (Mr. D. Kiyotomo)

< Coffee Break 20 min >

7.     UN/CEFACT 41th Forum Feedback

Ø  Trade Finance include WG Report (Mr. H. Sugamata)

Ø  Regional SW (Mr. K. Watanabe)

Ø  Critical Raw Material Project (Ms. Scarlett Ho)

8.     UN/CEFACT 29th Plenary feedback (Mr. D. Kiyotomo)

9.     Committee & WG Report by each Chair

Ø  Trade Facilitation WG (Mr. H. Sugamata) < Covered in 41st Forum feedback >

Ø  Travel & Tourism, Leisure WG (Dr. Anthony Chien)

Ø  Sustainable Development & Circular Economy WG (Ms. Vivian Huang)

Ø  Technology & Methodology Committee (TMC) Including ISO (Mr. Sugamata)

10.   Announcement

11.   Secretariat’s Report and Review national contact points (Ms. Wendy Yang)

12.   Any other business

13.   Closing