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2023 eASIA Awards Recognize Six Outstanding Projects Across The Region

Dec 7, 2023 - Dec 30, 2023

As a major Award program of AFACT, the eASIA Awards was organized again in 2023 and its Awards Ceremony was hosted by Chinese Taipei on December 1, 2023.  The successful program attracted nomination of projects from AFACT member countries and six of them made it to the final evaluation which took place in conjunction with the 41st AFACT Plenary Meeting in Taiwan on December 1.

        The final evaluation was conducted in front of the Evaluation Committee whose members included:

1.     Dr. Shinichi Ishii, AFACT Chair

2.     Mr. Hisanao Sugamata, Chair of TMC

3.     Mr. Daizo Kiyotomo, HoD, Japan

4.     Dr. Cheng-Hong Cho, HoD, Chinese Taipei

5.     Mr. Ian Watt, UN/CEFACT Bureau Vice Chair

6.     Ms. Vivian Huang, General Secretary, AFACT Secretariat

7.     Amb. Jen-Ran Chen, Chairperson, Digital Transformation Association

8.     Dr. Kerri Ahn, HoD, Korea

9.     Mr. Tahseen Ahmad Khan, UNNExT Advisory Committee Member and UN/CEFACT Vice Chair

10.  Mr. Somnuk Keretho, PhD, Senior Advisor, Department of Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University


Each of the finalist projects was invited to make an eight-minute presentation to introduce the strengths and prospectives of their proposals, and then take questions from the Evaluation Committee for further elaboration.  Based on the presentations and Q&A Session, the Evaluation Committee reached a consensus on the winners of the 2023 eASIA Awards as below: 

Silver Winner: Galaxy Software Services Corporation (Chinese Taipei)

2023 eASIA Awards Evaluation Committee members listened to the presentations of the six finalist projects to get a better understanding on different proposals.

Evaluation Committee members discussed the results of their scores for the finalist projects after the Q&A Session.

At the following Awards Ceremony, these projects received a trophy and a certificate, respectively, in recognition of their achievements and dedication to the promotion of regional digital development and trade facilitation.

Turncloud Technology Service Inc. from Chinese Taipei won the Gold Award of the Smart Governance & Management Category, and received the certificate and trophy from Mr. Huai-jen Lee, Deputy Minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda).

The Mobile e-Certified Notice Project for Public Sector from Korea won the Silver Award of the Smart Governance & Management Category, and the KISA team led by Mr. Jungsup Park received the honor from moda Deputy Minister Mr. Huai-jen Lee.

Mr. Kao, Kuo-Feng, General Manager of Trade-Van Information Services Co., presented the Gold Award of the Digital Transformation for SMEs Category to representatives from Allink Co., Ltd. of Korea.

Ms. Natsuho Sakamoto, Consultant of TradeWaltz Inc., Japan, received the certificate and trophy of the Silver Award of the Digital Transformation for SMEs Category from General Manager Kao.

The winner of the Gold Award of the Sustainability & Circular Economy Category is the Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government from Chinese Taipei, and Dr. Chien-Pang Liu, Deputy Director-General of the Bureau received the recognition from Dr. Cheng-Hong Cho, President of III and HoD of Chinese Taipei.

Mr. Wilson Tien from Galaxy Software Services Corporation received the certificate and trophy of the Silver Award of the Sustainability & Circular Economy Category from Dr. Cheng-Hong Cho.

147 projects participating in the Awards contest, and 78 projects were selected out for their outstanding performance.  The event aims at promoting the achievement of AFACT member countries/economies in the development of trade facilitation, electronic business policies and activities, and initiatives for bridging digital divide in the Asia-Pacific Region. It also meant to recognize the significance and great efforts made within AFACT community and to encourage exchange of best practices.